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Convert springs, engineer new springs, compare drum specifications,
calculate springs by IPPT (inch pounds per turn), design springs for rolling steel door applications and calculate the approximate pounds of pull for an extension spring.

Plus, request a quote, change from imperial to metric measurements, and save preferences with unique account log-in.

What can I do with the app?
  • Complete Door Engineering Springs, Conversions, Door Weight, IPPT
  • Residential, Commercial, and Rolling Steel Door Engineering
  • NEW! Request a quote, Imperial and Metric Measurements
  • Available for iOS, Android, Windows smartphones
  • Account Log-In to save preferences

Spring Conversion:
Convert springs from a current garage door installation to another spring size or specification. Convert mismatched springs from a previously repaired door to have two new springs of the same specification. Verify the door width is able to accept the engineered spring.

Spring Engineering: Input variables like type of assembly, type of lift, drum, number of springs, ID, desired cycles and the door specifications and Solutions will engineer the spring required, all while maintaining safe limits for cycle life and drum size.

Springs by IPPT: Input variables like door type, IPPT, turns required and ID and Solutions will calculate the spring required. Increase and decrease the cycles desired with the touch of a button.

Drum Comparison: Compare torsion spring drums to see how their specifications rate against each other. Choose your drums from a list and then flick through the results to compare. Choose a specific drum and Solutions will show you a list of compatible drums you can also use.

Approximate Pull: Specifically designed for extension springs, enter the length, stretch, diameter and wire size and solutions will tell you the approximate pounds of pull that spring has.

Rolling Steel: Using inputs like low moment arm, high moment arm and other specifications, Solutions will engineer springs for rolling steel commercial door applications.
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